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AASHTO Accreditation
Tue, 11/10/2015 - McDowell & Associates retains AASHTO Accreditation more»

Hydrogeological Services

Hydrogeological Studies are performed to determine subsurface conditions and the resulting groundwater flow characteristics for a given site or region. McDowell & Associates is thoroughly familiar with agency guidelines for completing Hydrogeological Studies.

  • Water Wells
    • Residential and Community
    • Irrigation
    • Drinking Water Quality
    • Michigan Wetland Protection Areas
    • Tritium Studies
  • Wetlands and Lakes
    • Creation/Restoration/Mitigation
    • Net Impact Studies
    • Water Budgets
  • Groundwater Modeling
    • Flow Direction
    • Contaminant Fate and Transport
  • Groundwater Control
    • Interception Systems
    • Water Table Depression
    • Construction Dewatering
  • Stormwater Retention (Seepage) Basins
  • 100-Year Flood Plain Studies
  • On-site Sanitary Water Disposal
    • Septic Fields
    • Rapid Infiltration Sand Beds
    • Irrigation
  • Landfill Studies and Design
  • Expert Witness Testimony

In cases where site-specific conditions preclude a standard approach, we have the skills and experience needed to specialize our analysis. We apply this with a wealth of experience and expertise to provide economical designs and recommendations for numerous types of projects.

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